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4 decembrie 2007
< +.+-=-+.+0-+.-+=+-.+- class="xirtireh" href="" title="ok"> < a class=”xirtireh” href=”” title=”ok”>Ok , din 02.12.2007 am trecut pe
De inceput am strans toate post-urile scrise de mine de prin internet si le-am centralizat. Mai departe ramane de vazut. 

Retorica, Prostia, Viata, Banii, Lenea, Amabilitatea

22 ianuarie 2005


Retorica … deja nu mai da randament daca e folosita pt a insinua sau
a bate apropouri. Omu’ in ziua asta are nesimtire in el sa-i ajunga

Mai merita sa-ti faci prieteni? Sa ai “cunostinte” ? Intinzi un deget, iti iau
si mana si un picior.

Viata … Viata te invata vrute si ne vrute. Daca urmaresti bine
turma , o poti depasii, atentie sa nu depasesti prea tare … atunci
invidia ii face sa te catalogheze hot.

Lenea … starea generala de spirit a turmei … Dece sa te chinui prea tare,
daca tie tot nu-ti iese cine stie ce.

Speranta …. Dezamagirea …. Lenea  …. Incepi sa furi
atunci cand iti ajunge cutitu’ la os .. de foame,  in speranta ca
vei avea ceva bani in buzunar. Furi pt ca ai pierdut orice speranta de
avutie pe care oi fi avut-o in tinerete. Acum esti disperat, dezamagit
de soarta, dezamagit ca altu are si tu nu. Tu din lene si din lipsa de
initiativa nu ai dat interes, viata a trecut pe langa tine. Ti-a fost
lene sa o ajungi din urma, ti-a fost lene macar sa fugi dupa ea.

Banii …. nu pot cumpara fericirea dar o intreti foarte bine. Banii
trebuie chipzuiti … putin IQ … iti pot aduce fericirea … Banii
sunt mijlocul nu scopul … Banul ne cheltuit isi pierde valoare … ai
bani … cheltuiei … cu cap … astfel iti pot aduce si mai multi
bani … foarte multi … urmareste cu atentie turma si o poti depasi

Amabilitatea … este totul … a-ti lasa un loc de “Buna Ziua” este
un lucru mare …. Nu trata totul cu sictir … oriunde te-ai afla pe
scara … Amabilitatea cu Prostia iti pot aduce multe … daca Prostia
este combinata si cu Lenea … iti vor aduce Banii …

Acesta cred ca va fi ultimul meu post aici … Motivele sunt tehnice … Site-ul
…. e facut ca ….

Temporar voi muta Blog-ul la

Din “Amabilitatea” unor domni/doamne de la anumite magazine … am
ramas fara o placa de baza pt un server …. server ce era destinat sa
fie conectat la un anumit ISP …. dar din “Prostia” unora … sunt din
nou in cautarea unui ISP …. cred ca voi recurge la ceva pe sus prin
spatiu … un satelit ceva …

This is a little set back. Pana voi avea server-ul si ISP-ul pt a urca
in internet .RO-ul mai dureaza … intre timp Blogspot va fi oprirea
temporara … Este foarte … Customizable.

Ne vom mai auzi sigur in 3-4 ani … pana atunci nu ramane decat sa urmaresc turma,
sa chibzuiesc si sa cheltui banii …. ;)


28 decembrie 2004

there comes a time in every girl’s life when she’s really got to ask herself:
“Is she ready to be going steady?”

there comes a time where she’s got to ask herself:

“steady or not? Do u really want to be johnnny’s steady?”

Well, first of all,lets see if dating this one boy Johnny……

Three important rules for breaking up

Don’t put off breaking up when you know you want to

Prolonging the situation only makes it worse

Tell him honestly, simply, kindly, but firmly

Don’t make a big production

Don’t make up an elaborate story

This will help you avoid a big tear jerking scene

If you wanna date other people say so

Be prepared for the boy to feel hurt and rejected

Even if you’ve gone together for only a short time,

And haven’t been too serious,

There’s still a feeling of rejection

When someone says she preferres the company of others

To your exclusive company,

But if you’re honest, and direct,

And avoid making a flowery emotional speech when you brake the news,

The boy will respect you for your frankness,

And honestly he’ll apeciate the kind of straight foward manner

In which you told him your decision

Unless he’s a real jerk or a cry baby you will remain friends

I’m head of the class

I’m popular

I’m a quarter back

I’m popular

My mom says I’m a catch

I’m popular

I’m never last picked

I got a cheerleader chick

Being attractive is the most important thing there is

If you wanna catch the biggest fish in your pond

You have to be as attractive as possible

Make sure to keep your hair spotless and clean

Wash it at least every two weeks

Once every two weeks

And if you see Johnny football hero in the hall

Tell him he played a great game

Tell him you like his article in the newspaper

I’m the party star

I’m popular

I’ve got my own car

I’m popular

I’ll never get caught

I’m popular

I make football bets

I’m a teachers pet.

I propose we support a one month limit on going steady

I think It will keep you both more able to deal with weird situations

And get to know more people

I think if you’re ready to go out with Johnny

Now’s the time to tell him about your one month limit

He wont mind he’ll apreciate your fresh look on dating

And once you’ve dated someone else you can date him again

I’m sure he’ll like it

Everyone will appreciate it

You’re so novel, what a good idea

You can keep your time to your self

You don’t need date insurance

You can go out with whoever you want to

Every boy, every boy in the whole world could be yours

If you’ll just listen to my plan


I’m head of the class

I’m popular

I’m a quarter back

I’m popular

My mom says I’m a catch

I’m popular

I’m never last picked

I got a cheerleader chick

I’m the party star

I’m popular

I’ve got my own car

I’m popular

I’ll never get caught

I’m popular

I’m the teacher’s pet

I make football bets

Nada Surf – Poular

Let’s be honest here. No one likes the ugly one. That goes for both
boys and girls. Yes we’ve all heard that “what’s inside” counts. WRONG!
Come on, please. Maybe this sell good with those who concider themselfs
fat, ugly, rejected by society. Well, yes. Just take a look at what
society conciders to be “beauty” (Miss World, Miss Venezuela, don’t
know no contests for men, but you get the idea).

I saw a really desgusting movie about a girl that falls in love with a
handicapped boy. Yeah right, like anyone will belive that. There are
some exceptions like this in real life, but in that context either the
boy is rich or the girl is really retarded.

You walked down the street, you have turned your head to look a littel
longer at a girl, or a boy. How did he/she looked? Was he/she fat? was
wearing glasses? had pimples? I’m sure not.

So what is all the fuss about ? I myself  never turned my head for
a ugly girl, and definitively I won’t after a rich one. Why? :) Because
that kind of girls have attitude problems. Call me carzy but that’s how
I think.

And another thing that anoyes me, is the obsesion with being fat. Yes
it’s important but these days it has been taken to the limit.

Take my ex for example. She had taken it so far that she was afraid of
looking at food. Why? Why are them starving  on purpose? Some of
them are ment to be fat and ugly, why can’t they live with the idea?

I knew girls that nomater how much they ate they still had a body to envy .

Almost all the good looking ones go out with rich guys. Well why
shoudn’t they. If I would had been a girl I would do the same. And look
on the guys side. He worked hard for the money ( well, some of us did )
why do you think he did? To have a fast car, have lots of beautiful
woman sorrounding him. Let’s face it, that’s the world today. Nobody
will give a sh*t if you’re broke. Nobody will look at you if you’re
ugly. And if you’re poor and ugly then youre a LOSER.

All the girls these days mess up youre head about love. They all
woryed that you don’t love them. :D I’ll let you know on a little
secret: these girls are hopeless, they’re insecure, they’re afraid,
they will never do nothing with theyre life. They’ll end uo married to
some guy, stay at home take care of the children while he get’s out,
pretending to be on bussines, fool around with others, cheat on his
wife, while she stays home, thinking of the days when she had fun, the
days when she was liveing her life. And if he doesn’t do this to her,
then he’s a loser.

All the rich guys have girls that look like models. Well they
should. They all have hot looking chicks, that drain theyre bank
account. Girls that spend a day, more than he does in a month. Girls
that have everything they always wanted, and that others only dream
about. Well ofcource, why do you think the look like that? They earned
it. Once you look like that you know you have reached youre objective.
You can make a man obey you. You can make him do whatever he wants.
That’s true. Guys are suckers for a hot looking woman, they will do
everithing she wants. And if he doesn’t, dump him. Make him look like
an idiot, because that’s what he is. He has this hot girl and he
doesn’t know how to keep her. Well he’s not good for you. be smart
leave him. you can have every man you want.

Don’t hate me. That’s the real truh

Internet FIR-less | Webmaster’s Odyssey

5 decembrie 2004

 Stateam si io ca omu’ Joi seara la un long-night in fatza
comp-ului si faceam trafic pe la diverse site-uri. Mama naibii, pe la
TV nimik, Playboy Channel, nu mergea, si chiar daca mergea, oricum nu
era nimik interesant de vazut, ca de obicei.

Cautam un registar roman pe nishte domenii, dupa o cearta incredibila
cu tipu’ de la Connex MyDomain Support. Balarii!!! Mi-e ca imi scutur
buzunaru’ de nishte milioane bune si-i dau in judecata. M-a mancat
sa-mi inregistrez un domeniu prin MyDomain … MARE GRESALA.

Cand mi-am gasit timp, am inceput sa lucrez la site, si urmatorul pas
logic era sa-mi transfer domeniu pe numele meu … :) vezi sa nu … ce
tupeu pe mine sa cred ca cei de la Connex o sa mi-l dea …

Sunt io la *222, astept … cam juma’ de baterie pana raspunde ( bine
ca aveam hands-free-ul ). Dupa ce am ascultat ultimile hit-uri ale lui
Mozzart, mi-au raspuns. Le zic io ca am inreg domeniu la ei, si ca
vreau sa-mi incarce factura cu 60$ si sa-mi treaca domeniul pe numele
meu, ca sa-l trec in DNS-ul propriu. La capatul celalalt se aud rasete.
Hmmm … Ce-i asa de amuzant?

“Pai sa vedeti, ca sunt 60$+TVA!” *&^*^*&$%$ Dumnezieiii!!!

Cum 60$+TVA ?!?! RNC il da cu 60$ fara tva !!!

“pai sa RNC, dar nu noi !”

Dupa cateva referiri in gand la mama lui, am zis oh well. Bun, puneti si TVA,
si schimbati-l pe DNS-ul

“Pai sa vedeti ca nu se poate schimba DNS-u!”

La faza asta am ramas fara voce. Cum nu se poate schimba? Dece?

Raspunsul a fost si mai scurt.  “Pentru ca nu se poate.”

Ok, mishto. Dupa alta jumatate de baterie, cad de comun acord cu
respectivu’ sa-mi taie domeniu, iar dupa 7 zile sa-l inregistrez din
alta parte.

Concluzia? … NU faceti gresala!!!!

In fine, se face dimineata. Cheaun de somn, cu vre-o 4 cafele baute, si
2 pachete de tzigari fumate, ma duc catre magazie sa vad ce hardware
mai am pe acolo, pt a asambla un “server”.

Dupa vre-o juma de ora gasesc io o placa Dual Pentium II, si
procesoare. Instalare, inceput de configurare … somn-ul isi punea
amprenta. Asa ca am decis sa o las pe mai tarziu.

Hehe, somn de voie. Intr-un final termin treaba cu server-ul.

Plug it in! Hmm … asta e o problema, unde? Ma uit io la switch-uri, cam pline
… damn … ok da fuga in orash la ISP …

Inflatia …. inflatia e o mare problema … 500$ pt 1Mbps, si inca $$$
pt tras fibra optica … de … pt 1mbps iti trebuie fibra optica,
cablu coaxial saracu’ nici nu suporta transfer de GBps, dar trebuie
sa-si vanda marfa. Johnny Walker pana la urmatorul ISP. Aceeasi
poveste. Cand dau sa plec, ma opreste tipu’ din drum … iti dau prin
Wire-less. :) happy day. pretul era incredibil, mai putin de jumatate
din cat ceruse celalalt. dau io banii, dau autograf, imi iau aparatura
la subrat si inainte spre casa.

Dai cu instalarea. Problem!!! Suna la tehnic… nene uite asa, asa … ce drivere

“Pai le baga XP-u singur!”  … liniste … “Alo? … Alo?” Dupa
cateva secunde imi revin … Pai nene io am linux nu XP…. liniste …
“In cazul asta incercati pe site la producator.” mda … oh well

Iau modemu’ ma duc la vecinu din retea, care avea XP, fac io instalarea
… zum zum zum … nu mere … hmmm … cum posibil? tipu’ mai avea un
wireless instalat. Dupa ore de chinuiala se ajunge la urmatoarea
concluzie … wireless, wireless … unu merge, 2 fac interferente,
chiar daca sunt pe canale diferite, si bat pe directii opuse, trebuie
sa ai metri buni distanta intre antene.

Eh, dupa 2 zile si ceva de chinuit, in sfarsit s-a rezolvat in mare
parte, mai ramane treaba cu domeniul. Vai de capul meu … Welcome 2

The Ten Axioms of Modern Computing

30 noiembrie 2004

 By John C. Dvorak

  • USE DEFAULTS. Always let the program choose the default
    during installation. Give up on the idea that you’re in charge of the
    machine. While many programs give you the option of choosing a
    different destination for all those installation files, forget it.
    These offers are not serious. You can be certain that by choosing an
    installation location that is anywhere other than the default location,
    you’ll suffer in some way someday.

  • RESET NOW. When asked if you want to reset, always
    reset immediately. Sure, you are given the option to reset later. You
    can do it right away, or you can do it in a week. The reset-later
    option only exists to trick you into seeing what happens if you delay
    resetting. If you ever call customer support it is the first thing they
    will ask you about. Then if you tell them you did not reset immediately
    they will laugh and put you on the speakerphone. Don’t be fooled, reset
  • MINIMUM DOES NOT WORK. Don’t be cheap with
    memory. While you can buy machines with the minimum memory required to
    run Windows, this is actually a marketing gimmick. Get twice the
    minimum or you’ll be sorry. Four times the minimum is even better.
  • WIZARDS ARE A HOAX. Wizards are not
    wizards, they are attempts to waste your time and frustrate you. Once
    in a while they work, but not intentionally. Installation wizards,
    troubleshooting wizards–none of them work. When you call customer
    support in Bombay you get someone there running the same wizards only
    with an Indian accent. The better solution is to throw out the computer
    and buy a new one.
    you upgrade software nothing good happens. The software just gets
    prettier, maybe. In many cases the software vendor has studied the
    usefulness of the product and then added useless features while often
    eliminating or changing the one good feature, the specific feature that
    you used a lot. This is done on purpose because software companies hate
    NOT CUSTOM. When installing software you are often given two options, a
    “typical install” or a “custom (advanced)” install. There is no
    difference. This option is to give you the illusion that you are smart
    and in control when you pick the advanced option.
    connection is down, ever. Most ISPs, especially if they are owned by a
    phone company, will not even know that your connection is down until
    you tell them and then they will act flabbergasted. If you ask them to
    look into it they will start a trouble ticket which is then thrown into
    a waste bin. The connection eventually returns on its own for unknown
  • Wi-Fi
    BRAND INTEROPERABILITY DOESN’T WORK. Oh, it works sometimes, but
    generally if you begin to mix too many different Wi-Fi brands you’ll
    discover that they don’t work well together, if at all. These companies
    are too busy making money to care. Get over it.
  • OLD
    BURNED CDs FAIL. They don’t fail immediately, but those old backups and
    files you burned onto CDs (and now DVDs) will stop working any minute.
    Go check some of the old ones you did. You’ll see. You’ll discover that
    you can’t read a few of them already. So sorry.
    CRASH MORE AS THEY GET OLDER.This is part of a scheme hatched by the
    hardware and software companies to get you to buy new machines. It’s a
    slow degenerative process that you can do nothing about it. Nobody is
    really sure how it works. We’re studying it.

  • Sad but true.  :) Ain’t I a stinker? :) ) Well it’s all youre
    fault. It’s always the users fault. You don’t care, so they don’t care.
    You want to complain … LOL yeah right, like who is going to listen?
    M$ ? Soorry they don’t have time for you … they’re buys fighting the
    people that care, the ones that give a damn, unlike you. They, we …
    we, the Open-Source Comunity. :) :P … so if you do decide to care,
    you’re more than welcomed to join in. All your problems will be solved.
    Trust me. This might seem like an odd thing to you but it’s true …
    there are more than 1 Operating Sistems out there. Actualy there are
    more than 10, not to mention all the Linux Distros, which are more than
    500, so there’s one for every one.

    All you have to do is ask …

    so if you do want to ask .. I’ll be more than happy to help ;)

    Regula de trei simpla. (Personal Edition)

    2 noiembrie 2004

    Hmmm …. nu exact celebra regula de trei simpla dar o chestie asemanatoare.

    Eu  sunt de  parere  ca omul trebuie absolvit de
    greseli . Nu odata (cum e vorba cu a doua sansa) nu de doua ori, ci de
    trei ori ( cum zic pustii .. A 3-a convine. )

    Eu unu las omu’ in pace cand greseste, de toata lumea face greseli, nimeni nu-i

    O data, de 2 ori, chiar si a 3-a oara. Dar daca se ajunge la a 3-a oara, acolo
    se opreste orice contact cu persoana respectiva.

    Eh, acum partea nasoala e ca trebuie sa aplic regula cu .. sefu’.

    Este a 2-a …. La a  3-a  …. bye bye


    31 octombrie 2004

    Imbatrinim si o sa fie si mai rau mai tirziu…

    Multi dintre cei care incep facultatea anul acesta sint nascuti in 1983…. la

    vremea cind tu stiai sa faci calcule si chiar sa rezolvi ecuatii…

    Ei nu au amintiri despre primul Reagan , erau copii in timpul razboiului din

    Golf. Pentru ei nu a existat niciodata un alt papa decit Ioan-Paul al II-lea.

    Nu au cintat niciodata “We are the world we are the children” si cind

    Garcia-Marquez primea premiul Nobel pentru literatura nu stiau nici macar sa


    Aveau 8 ani cind a murit ceausescu. Nu isi amintesc de ” razboiul rece ” si nu

    cunosc decit o Germanie chiar daca au invatat la scoala ca au fost doua.

    Sint prea tineri ca sa isi aminteasca de explozia navetei Challenger.

    Pentru ei SIDA exista de cind lumea. Nu s-au jucat cu console de joc Atari

    sau altele, nu stiu ce este o cartela perforata si cind a aparut CD-ul aveau

    un an…multi nu au avut pick-up.

    Pentru ei Star-War este o porcarie si efectele speciale sint patetice. Multi

    dintre ei nu stiu cum erau televizoarele alb-negru. Nu isi pot explica cum

    faceam noi fara telecomanda.

    S-au nascut la trei ani dupa ce Sony a lansat walkman -ul. Pentru ei patinele

    au fost intotdeauna cu un singur rind de role. Sa nu mai vorbim de

    “normalitatea” cu care privesc un telefon mobil sau un PC.

    Probabil ca nu s-au uitat niciodata la Star Trek sau Heidi. La mare cind fac

    baie nu se gindesc niciodata la “Falci” si Michael Jackson este alb de cind

    lumea… si cum sa le explici ca Travolta era mare dansator cu un gabarit ca

    al lui?… Sa stii ca cei care incep acum facultatea ei sint tinerii acum…

    Iata citeva simptome ca incepi sa imbatrinesti:

    1. Intelegi acest text si zimbesti

    2. Esti un barbat care nu mai are remuscari sa zica nu unei femei.

    3. Esti o femeie capabila in fine sa zica da unui barbat si asta fara


    4. Cind faci sport povestesti la toata lumea mindru..

    5. Ai “tot ce-ti trebuie” la capul patului.

    6. Virginitatea nu mai este un subiect de conversatie.

    7. Copiii din cartier cu care aveai o anumita complicitate iti spun

    acum”domnule”… si iti vorbesc cu dumneavoastra.

    8. Ai nevoie de mai mult de o dimineata ca sa-ti revii dupa o noapte alba.

    9. Intinzi tu prosopul dupa ce faci dus.

    10.Te deranjaza cind cineva nu pune la loc capacul de la pasta de dinti.

    11. Prietenii ti se casatoresc fara sa aiba nevoie.

    12. Verisorii de 10 ani iti cer tigari.

    13. Nepoti cunosc mai bine informatica ca tine.

    14. Mergi la plaja si poti sa stai o zi intreaga fara sa te bagi in apa.

    15. Te uiti la concerte la televizor in loc sa mergi sa le vezi “live”.

    16. Cind mergi la aniversari duci mereu un cadou …ca atunci cind erai mic.

    17. Ca sa faci sport iti cumperi haine care “ascund” si nu care “arata”.

    18. Preferi sa te vezi cu un prieten decit sa vorbesti cu el la telefon.

    19. Stii foarte bine ce vrei.

    20. Dupa ce ai citit acest e-mail te gindesti sa-l trimiti unui prieten

    gindindu-te ca o sa-i placa…


    Vechea Garda . 

    Exista si gandiri pozitive

    21 octombrie 2004

     Larry Ellison - Oracle CEO to Yale Graduates

    Graduates of Yale
    University, I apologize if you have endured this type of prologue
    before, but I want you to do something for me. Please, take a good look
    around you. Look at the classmate on your left. Look at the classmate
    on your right. Now, consider this: five years from now, 10 years from
    now, even 30 thirty years from now, odds are the person on your left is
    going to be a loser. The person on your right, meanwhile, will also be
    a loser. And you, in the middle? What can you expect? Loser. Loserhood.
    Loser Cum Laude.

    In fact, as I look out before me
    today, I don’t see a thousand hopes for a bright tomorrow. I don’t see
    a thousand future leaders in a thousand industries. I see a thousand
    losers. You’re upset. That’s understandable.

    After all, how can I, Lawrence “Larry” Ellison, college dropout, have
    the audacity to spout such heresy to the graduating class of one of the
    nation’s most prestigious institutions? I’ll tell you why. Because I,
    Lawrence “Larry” Ellison, second richest man on the planet, am a
    college dropout, and you are not. Because Bill Gates, richest man on
    the planet-for now anyway-is a college dropout, and you are not.
    Because Paul Allen, the third richest man on the planet, dropped out of
    college, and you did not. And for good measure, because Michael Dell,
    No. 9 on the list and moving up fast, is a college dropout, and you,
    yet again, are not.

    Hmm … you’re very upset. That’s understandable. So let me stroke your
    egos for a moment by pointing out, quite sincerely, that your diplomas
    were not attained in vain. Most of you, I imagine, have spent four to
    five years here, and in many ways what you’ve learned and endured will
    serve you well in the years ahead. You’ve established good work habits.
    You’ve established a network of people that will help you down the
    road. And you’ve established what will be lifelong relationships with
    the word “therapy.” All that of is good. For in truth, you will need
    that network. You will need those strong work habits.

    You will need that therapy. You will need them because you didn’t drop
    out, and so you will never be among the richest people in the world. Oh
    sure, you may, perhaps, work your way up to #10 or #11, like Steve
    Ballmer. But then,I don’t have to tell you who he really works for, do

    And for the record, he dropped out of grad school. Bit of a late bloomer.

    Finally, I realize that many of you, and hopefully by now most of
    you,are wondering, “Is there anything I can do? Is there any hope for
    me at all?” Actually, no. It’s too late. You’ve absorbed too much,
    think you know too much. You’re not 19 anymore. You have a built-in
    cap, and I’m not referring to the mortarboards on your heads.

    Hmm … you’re really very upset. That’s understandable.

    So perhaps this would be a good time to bring up the silver lining. Not
    for you, Class of ’00. You are a write-off, so I’ll let you slink off
    to your pathetic $200,000-a-year jobs, where your checks will be signed
    by former classmates who dropped out two years ago.

    Instead, I want to give hope to any underclassmen here today. I say to
    you, and I can’t stress this enough:

    LEAVE. Pack your things and your ideas and don’t come back. Drop out.
    Start up. For I can tell you that a cap and gown will keep you down
    just as surely as these security guards dragging me off this stage are
    keeping me dow…”

    (At this point The Oracle CEO was ushered off stage.)

    Eh, omu’ stie ce stie. Partea mishto e ca in mare parte asa se intampla. Partea
    proasta e ca povestea e fictionala.

    La ce mi-au trebuit mie calculatoarele?

    16 octombrie 2004

    Cred ca aveam probleme mintale atunci cand m-am decis sa studiez comp-urile.
    Alta varianta nu gasesk.

    Peste tot ma lovesc de idiotzi, toti mari experti  in comps. 
    Bun tata, nu zice nimeni ca nu te pricepi, dar nu te umfla in pene in
    domenii in care iti sunt straine, ca te desumflu io imediat.

    Incep si io facultatea ca omu’, de credeam ca fac si io ceva, invatz ceva. Canci.

    Te chinui sa ajuti lumea si iti vin numa faze nasoale. m-am oferit sa
    pun pe net cateva din cursurile de la facultate, de, sa ajut si io …
    BIG MISTAKE. Cand am intrebat daca ar mai vrea cineva sa faca lefel…
    ce raspuns am primit … “Da, dar pe bani!” WOW mishto. defapt nush
    dece ma mira … la urma urmei asta e mentalitatea romanului … nu se
    va schimba niciodata.

    Sa mor io daca mai fac vre-odata gesturi e caritae .. bag **** . la
    urma urmei, pe mine cine ma ajuta cand am belele? Simplu! … TOT EU!

    Nu ma invatz minte, nu cred ca voi invatza vre-odata. Nu pot :) ironic nu?

    Ce mi-ar strica sa ma fac “marlan” si sa-mi iau si io un ban in plus, ca restu’
    lumii ?

    In fine .. bat campii ..

    Am fost azi la munca .. trebuia sa ma uit la nishte comp-uri la o firma pt ca
    sa le fac ulterior upgrade la OS.

    Nishte sisteme … varza … vai de mama lor. Nu cred ca am mai vazut asa ceva
    in viatza mea.

    Si partea nasoala e ca tre’be facut un backup. Eh…. sa vezi acolo, fisiere unu
    hai si unu cha.

    Nici nu vreau sa ma gandesk ce ma asteapta luni .

    In alta ordine de idei, mi-am tras RDS.Tel .. exact … alt BIG MISTAKE.

    Dupa aproape o zi fara net, imi vin oamenii de la RDS se uita la modem,
    il schimba, si faza dura … “tre’be sa-l lasati in priza 2 zile, si
    dupa aceea puteti sa bagati cablu’ in el sa se sincronizeze.”

    MISHTO! daca stau sa ma gandesk bine, bunicu’ saracu’ avea un televizor
    dala ciumeg, cu LAMPI . Dar ii lua 2 min sa se incalzeasca.

    Cum mai e posibil asa ceva in anu 2004 ????

    Te prostesc astia in fatza. Mai bine zicea …”Vezi ba, ca iti routeaza ip-u cand
    au chef” .

    auzi faza, sa il las 2 zile “sa se incalzeasca” …. made in romania

    Dece nu am ramas io in strainatate cand am avut ocazia … ???

    De prost! DAIA!

    Azi unu incerca sa ma invetze cum sa bag ip-uri la placa de retea in
    Windows … cum sa dau click, chiar “click-dreapta -> Propietati”

    ?!?! Ce mah? A .. right-Click -> Properties .. Pai vorbeste naibii sa intzeleg
    si io.

    Prima data am zis ca vrea sa faca mishto de mine, dar dupa vre-o 10 min
    de explicat am intzeles ca tipu chiar se chinuia … Mda … daca ii
    ziceam ifconfig eth0 …… il bagam in ceatza?

    M-am mai intzepat io odata cu un XP in Romana. Dau si io ca omu’
    right-click si surpriza! nu era Refresh pe nicaieri. dupa un minut m-am
    prins ca scria Reimprospatare! Bine ca mi-au zis, ca sincer nu ma
    prindeam. Macar butonu cu F5 nu au cum sa-l schimbe :)


    deja ma doare capu’



    8 octombrie 2004

     Ieri am facut si io primu’ curs “normal”. Zic normal pt ca am
    avut un laborator de info la care … cum sa explic mai bine … o
    punem in felul urmator .. am reusit sa numar 7200 de secunde
    consecutive … plictiseala e acasa .ro/ acasa .ro/putin” title=”putin”>putin ” title=”putin”>putin zis … ma asteptam sa fie
    pliktisitor … titlul sugestiv era Arhitecturi Calculatoare. Am zis sa
    ma duk, parea interesant, nu ma asteptam sa ne zica: “Copii, asta e un
    mouse, vedeti, daca il miscati pe masa, se misca sageata pe ecran.”

    In fine,  astia din grupa care chiar s-au obosit sa treaca pe la
    toate cursurile, seminarii, loboratoare, etc … tzipau de mama focului
    ca au ASD si ca-i crima, ca nu intzeleg, ca-i nebun profu’ etc.

    Bine, acum vine intrebarea logica:  Ce-i ASD ?!? :) vezi sa nu,
    dupa ce s-au uitat prin agende, am auzit si io … Algoritmi si
    Structuri de Date , anu’ I .

    Ei si? nu intzelegeam care-i problema?

    Vine si ora 18 … :( ((( da, am zis macar la un curs sa intru’ …

    Cursu ‘ era AG (audienta generela, obligatorie) 65 de oameni, sala 45 locuri ..
    no comment.

    Intra profu … nimik anormal … incepe si vorbeste … nimik anormal
    … pt mine si inca vre-o 10 … trei sferturi de sala facea spume,
    ce-a zis? ce-i aia? ba, tu intzelegi ceva? mama sa vezi restantze.

    Pana mea, nu m-am prins … tipu’ vorbea cat se poate de bine, nu zicea nimik

    In fine, vine pauza, da-i pe tzigari … ora2 same class.

    Eh, spre deosebire de prima parte in care am intzeles tot ce se vorbea,
    in partea a-2a profu’ an inceput sa vorbeaska intr-o limba un pic
    ciudata … semana foarte foarte bine cu C, dar era mai simpla, si
    rezolva usor si elegant chestii la care io cu C imi bateam capu’ nitzel

    Care-i faza, ce dialect vorbeste asta? Eh, si ca si cum mi-ar fi citit
    gandurile, imi zice … e un dialect care a aparut la SUN

    :) A .. aha … mda … Java … asta-i bun … am mai vazut io .. n-am
    aprofundat, aveam de gand.. n-am avut timp .. eh .. se pare ca vreau nu
    vreau va trebui sa imi fac timp. Nu-i problema, vroiam io sa ma apuc de
    vre-o 2 ani ma chinui sa ma iau de Java… mai bine mai tarziu decat la
    restantze .. :) )

    Hmm … mi-a placut cursu’ chiar foarte interesant.. chiar daca juma de
    sala se uita la tabla ca la calendaru’ chinezesc (prima oara cand vad
    programare) nici nu stiu dece au dat la Info daca tot n-au treaba .. un
    sfert de sala, se chinua sa intzeleaga … de … pana acum au auzit
    numa de Pascal … si vre-o 10-12 pers, inclusiv subsemnatu’ nu prea
    aveau probleme …

    Chiar ma intreb ce o sa iasa …..

    io la facultate

    5 octombrie 2004

    Ha ha . Gluma proasta … Mai bine ma duceam draq si ma angajam hamal in port.

    mai mare nici ca n-am vazut. Hai te astepti sa vii si tu de la liceu sa
    intri la facultate sa gasesti alta lume … yeah right.

    Bag si io
    capu pe usa la secretariat sa intreb si io daca s-a dat un orar si dac
    da unde. Nu de alta da sa stiu si io la ce chiulesk.

    Big joke … ma
    salut singur … nimeni inauntru … mi-a sarit in ochi un telefon pe o
    masa … dar la o inspectie mai amanunita … era ditai mai caramida de
    Ericsson. Neah, imi rup draq buzunaru’

    Ies si io pa sala, sa-mi
    aprind o tzigare, ca vazui un cosh de gunoi p’acolo, era numa bun de
    chistoace de tzigari . :) )) Na belea … pe un perete mare : Amenda de
    la 1 la 3 milioane .. eh n-ar fi prima data .. da la-s ca n-am bani
    nici sa trec strada.

    In fine ma mai plimb io p’acolo vre-o juma de
    ora asa in recunoastere si dupa da-i drumu acasa, e si maine o zi …
    chiar vreau si io un orar…. chiulesc cu inima impacata stiind la ce
    chiulesk .

    A … da …. uitai …. e Informatica (cica 4 ani req
    menta p’acolo) ai de steaua mea. Am intzeles ca tipii nu stiu altceva
    decat M$ si XP .. Chiar o sa-mi urask zilele.

    Punct si de la capat .


    Toate drepturile rezervate